Any Water Will Do. Really.

Why start a blog?  I’ve been fishing my entire life, always loved reading about fishing, and to be frank, I never really found a blog that I personally enjoyed reading.  There are a few good blogs that speak to local fishing opportunities in and around the Chesapeake Bay, but I figured that, at a minimum, I could add to the conversation, and help folks find adventure not far from their homes.

A beautiful fall evening at the mouth of the Patuxent River.

The Chesapeake Bay as a region, and as a watershed, is an amazing place.  We have fantastic bass fishing, trophy freshwater trout, striped bass of all sizes, sharks, cobia, seatrout, drum…all within a few hours drive of the nation’s capital.  The fishery is highly seasonal, and as a result, the month to month fishing opportunities shift.  For the opportunistic fisherman, this means you have to know what’s available, and when, to optimize your experience.

I hope that, with this blog, I can help people do just that – optimize their time, and efforts.

The more people know, love, and respect this region’s fisheries, the more people will protect it, nurture it, and advocate for it.  And that is ultimately the way we ensure that you, I, and our children will have clean, healthy, beautiful water to explore, whether a pond, stream, tidal river, or ocean.

Because if there are fish in it, any water will do.

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