Fishing Report – Upper Patuxent River

Due to last weekend’s colder, cloudy weather, I decided not to fish the Casselman River.  I did take a half hour to explore a lower Patuxent River tidal creek on the lookout for perch and shad, but never found fish willing to take a streamer.  This week has been different – warm weather pushing into the upper 70’s, signaling the end of winter.

I took advantage of this last Thursday, and headed to Montgomery County to fish the upper Patuxent River, south of Tridelphia Reservoir.  This section of river is routinely stocked, and also features warm water fish species.  Last summer I managed six species of fish there in a couple hours – bass, fallfish, bluegill, pumpkinseed, and rainbow trout – and had the river all to myself.

Log Jam on the Upper Patuxent

This trip again found me alone on the river, and in two hours fishing before sunset, I managed one nice rainbow and missed two others.  Water levels were high, making wading difficult, and the fish I found were in shallow, fast-moving water.  My 9′ 5wt was perfect, and the fish was taken high-sticking a small woolly bugger.

As this is a catch-and-release, fly-only section of river, the trout was released, and was kind enough to hang in the current for a photograph before swimming off.

Rainbow trout post-release.

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