Fishing Report – Upper Patuxent

I went back to the Upper Patuxent River (fly fishing, catch-and-release section) Sunday before last, hoping to find some of the Browns that river is famous for.  I found a fleet of cars in the tiny gravel lots along the river.  Clearly I wasn’t the only person with this idea.

The river was in great shape – clean, clear water, a few small midge hatches going on, but the fish were hidden.  No rises, and only a few spooked fish as I waded and walked along the river.  I managed one fallfish and three strikes by fallfish or small trout in 3 hours of fishing – not great by any stretch.

Gravel, sand, and dirt move around the Patuxent like sandbars on a beach.

This river is a great place for streamer fishing with a short rod, and that was my strategy.  Woolly buggers, in colors and sizes that look like small cray fish, are the top flies, but I still was unable to move any of the larger trout.  My working theory – they spent most of the weekend getting pounded by other fishermen.  At least that’s a good rationalization for a poor day fishing.

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