Fishing Reports – Delaware Mill Pond, Great Falls National Park, Patuxent River

It’s been a slow few weeks for me on the fishing front.  I’ve managed to get out a few times in between the cold, rain, and wind.  This weekend in Maryland brings more cold weather, and up to an inch of snow!

Where did I fish?

I tried a tidal creek of the lower Patuxent River several weeks back, hoping to find white and yellow perch.  The tide was extremely low, and the water heavily mudded from rain the previous two days.  I did see some killifish and small perch in the shallows, but nothing of note.  After two hours of steady casting, the wind kicked up hard to 20 kts, and I gave up.

The next weekend, I spent time at a millpond in Delaware where I have had good success on largemouth bass.  The pond is full of them, and they were highly active, leaping from the water, chasing each other in the shallows.  And of course, they could not have cared less about my poppers, weedless worm flies, or bendbacks.  I am curious if this was “pre-spawn” behavior, and if they were eating anything at all.

Millpond in Delaware – mucky, and full of acrobatic (yet not hungry) largemouth

Two days ago, I tried to get the skunk off yet again, and headed to the Great Falls National Park in Potomac MD.  This park is absolutely beautiful, and the brawling river has all of the major warm water species:  smallmouth and largemouth bass, perch, sunfish, musky, carp, and catfish.  Having done some recon using google maps, I did find one pond along a trail in the cliffs that had a number of jumbo largemouth bass in it, but as in Delaware, they were unimpressed with everything I chucked their way.  The weather had been cool for several days, and they were not too active – only hovering in place at the edge of lily pads, and occasionally swimming a few feet when I dropped a large fly on their heads.

Nonetheless, my hike through the park was great, the paths not very crowded, and the eagles and osprey put on a show.  I’ll try to make it back as things warm up.

Great Falls National Park, MD


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