Fishing Report – Casselman River

Blessed with fantastic weekend weather, I struck out Sunday with a friend to fish the Casselman and Potomac Rivers in Western Maryland.  The Casselman is well known for its Rainbow Trout, which Maryland DNR releases into the river by the thousands.  The Potomac, by contrast, is stocked, but most catches consist of hold-over or native trout.

Grantsville, MD countryside along the Casselman River

After a two hour drive from Washington D.C., I was greeted with a fantastic hatch of lightly colored stoneflies that lasted for the 4 hours I was on the river.  The fish were taking emergers and duns on the surface, and I had a blast fishing a gray bodied Adams Parachute.  As the hatch slowed down, the fish continued eating something much smaller, and a small Griffiths Gnat or Blue-Winged-Olive Emerger continued to produce. Surprisingly, the fish would not touch Woolly Buggers in any of the sizes I tried.

Released Rainbow Trout

After my friend and I had our fill (estimated at close to 30 fish) we headed out to visit the Potomac.





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