Fishing Report – CBBT and Eastern Shore Barrier Islands

I spent last Thursday fishing around the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT) and the barrier islands of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  The target:  Jumbo sized striped bass and red drum.  And despite the massive fish in the cover photo (caught light tackle jigging a few years ago), we did not have any success.

The water temperature was excellent (60+ degrees), but the North Easterly wind soon muddied the water on our flat of choice, and clouds and rain made sight casting to fish with a fly rod (our original plan) impossible.  We cruised from spot to spot, but only saw one striped bass when it suddenly appeared next to the boat, tail partially out of the water.  By the time we cast, it was gone.  We did not see any drum, but had heard reports that some were beginning to be caught by the bait-fishing crowd.

After making what felt like 1000 casts, we called it a day.  I plan to head back down as soon as I can – pending a sunnier weather forecast.

Eastern Shore Barrier Islands, with the CBBT in the background.



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