Fishing Report -WB&A Trail Bass Fishing

Given a break in the miserable weather the Mid-Atlantic’s been mired in, I struck out to find largemouth bass in PG County.  The Washington, Baltimore, and Annapolis trail runs along the remains of an electric train that once whisked commuters between Baltimore and Washington.  It’s no longer there (its heyday was in the 1930’s), but PG County now has paved trails winding through this area, and it makes up part of the East Coast Greenway.

For a fly fisherman, it has the benefit of having a number of ponds along the trail, and has a spur that winds behind Bowie State University and the numerous drainage ditches and old quarries behind the university.

Armed with an 8wt and a black bass popper, I stopped and observed each pond I came across.  Most were shallow, and showed a serious overgrowth of algae and little life.  I did find a few sunfish content to peck at my fly, but I did not see the tell-tale wake of any bass scooting around.

The most interesting ponds are old sand quarries behind the university.  They have sufficiently deep water to limit temperature extremes in summer and winter, healthy vegetation including lily pads and water lettuce, and from the wakes and activity I saw, some bass and decent sized sunfish to speak of.  I worked both ponds in the setting sun, and had one take, but lost the fish in the pads.  I will try to get back there again this summer, as these two ponds look promising.

Old quarries along the WB&A Trail.

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