Fishing Report – Big Hunting Creek

Last weekend, with my boat in the shop, I headed up into the Catoctin Mountains to fish Big Hunting Creek.  I had read about this catch-and-release water, and heard it had a high density of trout, with large stocked fish mixed in with smaller native Browns.

Shallow waters are the norm in Big Hunting Creek.

I ended the day disappointed.  I fished the creek from one of the pull offs along Rte. 77, moving up and down the stream over significant distance, fishing dries and nymphs without any success.  I had one tug while swinging a nymph, but the water felt warm, and I know sunfish and chub are in the pond just downstream of this section.

The water was extremely shallow, making nymphing with split shot and indicators ineffective.  And despite the midges and March Browns coming off the creek, I saw no surface feeding.

My takeaway:  I’ll keep going to the Gunpowder for my trout fix.


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