Fishing Report – Middle Chesapeake Bay

After the success of the last weekend, I headed out to the Middle Chesapeake with my father, again hoping to tie into big striped bass.  We arrived at our destination, and despite the slack tide, the fish were there and feeding.

depthfinder june little choptank
Striped bass on the depth-finder!  Whoop whoop!

For the next two hours, we caught schoolie striped bass (18″-23″), releasing each fish.  While we only caught ~20 fish, I stubbornly continued fishing with the heaviest and largest flies and jigs I had, hoping to stumble onto a better grade of fish.  Unfortunately it never happened.

Nice schoolie striper on a 1 oz jig and 7″ Hogy plastic bait.

I did notice most of the bait the bass were feeding on was smaller during this trip (small menhaden and anchovies), and the larger 12″ menhaden were largely left alone, swimming freely in the same areas.  I am hoping those bigger fish from last weekend are still somewhere in the area, and will wonder down to within striking distance of Solomons this summer to eat that larger bait.

After the bite died in the main stem, I again headed into the Eastern Shore islands, fishing a rip line where the water quality looked halfway decent.  I managed a small 14″ striper, and that was all the action we found.

Driving back into Solomons, I did not see any signs of feeding fish, and the birds were few and far between.  For the time being, I’ll keep heading north to find fish.

Big flies on 9 and 10 wt rods.  They caught fish, but it took patience, and the fish came slowly.

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