Fishing Report – 10,000 Islands (Part 3)

The third and final day of fishing in the Everglades has come and gone, and while it was windy, and slow, it ended with a bang.

The wind forecast was off, and a strong westerly/south-westerly breeze stirred up mud and made running the beaches impossible.  We headed inland, hitting a number of points, coves, and shorelines looking for snook and red drum.  With the water quality suspect, and the tide high, we fished live pogies (menhaden) under popping corks, hoping real food would draw fish from cover.  We only found a few over the first half of the day, and missed several more, including a big red drum.

We did find our way to a few beaches that were out of the wind, and at one of those our crew managed to hook a massive snook that immediately shot through a dead tree and, after a brief struggle, broke free.  The image of that fish, turning broadside in two feet of water to inhale a pogy, will stay etched in my mind for a while.

We finished at a mangrove shoreline along an inlet, and thankfully, after a slow day, the fish came to life.  Nice seatrout, snook, and jack crevalle came to the net, as well as a massive red drum that was in the 30+” range.

All in all, it was a great trip, and despite the poor conditions we found nice fish on spin and fly.  And if you are interested in fishing the 10,000 Islands and the Everglades for snook, red drum, and tarpon, check out Aron Blaisdell at



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