Fishing Report – Gunpowder River Trout

I spent a few hours on the Gunpowder River catch-and-release section this weekend, hunting for wild brown trout.  It was a dual purpose trip:  Do a bit of summer-time dry fly fishing, and teach my sister how to fly fish.  While we didn’t knock it out of the park, we had some hungry fish, and she came damn close to catching one.

We fished the morning from 9AM to 12PM near Bunker Hill Road.  The fish were not very active on top until 11AM, when the sun peaked out and brought a small caddis hatch.  Water levels were up from the typical low summer flows I’ve seen the last few Augusts, meaning the fish were more spread out as well.  We walked the river, and after trying a few spots without success, we hit my favorite spot in this section and found several fish feeding actively on top.

I caught one, gave it to my sister for a obligitory hero shot (facebook material), and then had her fish the rest of the time with my 3 wt and an elk hair caddis.  She did well, learning how to cast 20-30 feet out and maintain a (mostly) drag free drift.  She did have one eat over that hour, but was staring at her hands and missed the take.  That’s fishing.

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