Fishing Report – Upper Patuxent River

With a brief break in the nasty winter weather the DMV’s been having, I decided to fish the Upper Patuxent River off of Hipsley Mill Road.  The sun had been shining for most of the day, air temperatures had climbed into the 50’s, and my hope was the warmth, coupled with stained water, would make for good streamer fishing.

FullSizeRender (21)

I walked along the river, following the muddy trail before dropping in to the river about a 1/4-1/2 mile from the parking lot.  The water was at a decent height, but the river was cloudy (at some points, coffee colored) and cold.  I fished a woolly bugger on my 3wt, using split shot to swing the fly under log jams and crawl it along the bottoms of pools, but without any action.  I did not spot a trout in this region of the river as I worked my way back to the lot.

A few midges were hatching, but not as much as I’ve seen in years past on this river.  I think a week long warm spell will get things going, but for now, fishing will probably be slow.


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  1. John Ogram says:

    I admire your persistence, or should we say addiction? Ospreys are returning.


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