Fishing Report – Rocky Gorge Reservoir

After my skunk earlier in the week, I headed back to Rocky Gorge Reservoir on Sunday afternoon, walking in from the Supplee Lane parking lot.  The area was fairly crowded, with multiple fishermen on the shore and in kayaks and electric-powered canoes.  The water seemed warm, and the sun was high and bright.  Not the best time to go, but I expected to find pre-spawn bass in the warm, shallow coves.

Low water and warming rapidly.

I was again throwing my new Sage Motive 6wt, and tied a Game Changer (an articulated large white fly) on, hoping for a big fish right away.  And as luck would have it, I immediately hooked up to a nice bass right next to the boat ramp.  After a 10 second fight, he jumped and threw the hook.

I continued walked East, working my way around the shore lines, casting to sunken stumps, rock ledges, and where the water looked warm, shallow, and still.

Scattered stumps along the banks of the river.

By the time I left two hours later, I had caught three bass and a couple bluegill, although these all came on a small clouser minnow.

Of interest, I did see what looked like large black cormorants, and a few seagulls, catching herring/shad in the middle of the reservoir.  I believe there is a large population of these baitfish here, and also that the striped bass, pike, and tiger musky feed heavily on them.

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