Fishing Eastern Bay out of Kent Island, MD

While battling food poisoning, I was invited to go fishing with a friend on Eastern Bay, south of Kent Island.  Having never fished it before, I (of course) said yes.

I met my friend at his house, and we trailered his new Carolina Skiff to the launch on Kent Island.  My goal was to find some decent shallow water striped bass fishing, and then look for suspended fish on drop offs.  We found both.

Rip rap and docks cover most of Eastern Bay’s shoreline on Kent Island.  That said, the water was full of a variety of underwater grasses.

The shoreline around Kent Island is almost entirely developed, with little natural shoreline.  As a result, the fish holding structure is more likely to be docks and rock piles than sod banks and fallen timber.  I had already picked out a few places to try out before I arrived, but once I was able to see the shoreline, we honed in on creek mouths where natural grasses were abundant, knowing that more baitfish and shrimp here would bring in schoolie bass.  That assertion was correct, and in pockets of clean water in these locations, we caught a handful of striped bass, with the largest a 22″ fatty that my friend hooked and landed.

A fat striped bass from clean, skinny water.

We worked our way out, and eventually fishing suspended fish off Bloody Point.  The fish were thick, but had lockjaw (possibly because the May worm hatch would have occured the night before).  I did manage to catch a few small fish on a full sinking line and a weighted menhaden pattern.

A little striped bass from Eastern Bay.

After 3 hours of fishing, I started to feel nauseous, and by the time we arrived at the dock, I was not in great shape.  After downing a Gatorade, I thanked the captain, and headed home.  I laid on the couch for the rest of the day, feeling terrible but happy I was able to fit in just a few hours on the water.

Time well spent.

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