Winter Fly Fishing on Gunpowder Falls

Despite the escape to Belize, it was hard to stay indoors over the last two months.  I made a point to find some unfrozen water and try my luck, and ended up fishing Gunpowder Falls near Monkton three times.  And three times I proved that winter trout fishing is a puzzle I can’t crack.

The highlights:

Trip 1:  Scaled frozen boulders in freezing rain, and over three hours, had one hit.  Buddy landed one fish.

Freezing rain and fat streamers.


Trip 2: Solo.  After a couple hours, found a pool holding lots of fish, and proceeded to have them whack away at a small black woolly bugger.  No fish landed.

Trip 3:  Two other buds and I hit the river on a warm day.  One hit, no fish sighted, and 90 other fly fisherman on the river.

Throwing tight loops, but the trout said “nah”.


Trout are tough.  Pressured trout are tougher.

Pressured trout in winter are the toughest.

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