Fishing the ESVA and Great Falls

*Catching up on a bunch of late posts after a busy summer (and before a busy winter).  These trips happened in July.

I spent a weekend on the eastern shore of Virginia in July, sight fishing (and bait fishing) for cobia.  Some fish were there, catching one on cut bait in the morning (along with a dozen sharks, all 10lb to 15lb’s of gnashing teeth).

Sandbar sharks cover the Chesapeake seafloor in summertime.
A 40″ cobia hooked on cut bait.

We spent the remainder of the weekend sight fishing around the buoys for cobia, seeing one, and wading the nearby flats for striped bass and houndfish.

Small striped bass on the sand flats.

The following weekend, my friend and I went canoeing on the Potomac River north of Great Falls.  We didn’t see a single fish, but I was happy for the conversation.  We sat on the rocks in the middle of the river, beers in hand, and watched the water slip by.

Potomac River, north of Great Falls.

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