Nork Fork of the Shenandoah

*Catching up on a bunch of late posts after a busy summer (and before a busy winter).  This trip happened at the end of June.

Verdant smallmouth made for fun fishing.

I had never fished the North Fork of the Shenandoah, but reports of high muddy water on the South Fork, along with a sidelined boat (engine troubles, again) had me considering it as an alternative.  The North Fork generally has cleaner water and lower flows than the South Fork, and while the fishing isn’t quite as good, it still has Smallmouth in decent numbers.

My dad and I spent a day floating 7 miles of the river on kayak.  It was fun, meditative and cleansing.  The river was beautiful, cool crystal clear water, with infrequent mountain views and visits from wildlife and the occasional horse.

Visitors along the river’s edge.

We didn’t catch many fish, but we caught enough bream, smallmouth, largemouth, and chubs to keep it interesting.

A beautiful place to spend a day.


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