Conditions (Wind, Water, Weather)

Before I go fishing, I always check a variety of online sources to mine data.  Here are a few key sites I encourage you to use in planning your own trips:

Chesapeake Bay Operational Forecast System (CBOFS)

Before you jump on your boat or kayak, check this.  Invaluable for it’s accurate wind predictions and water temperature measurements.

USGS Current Water Data for Maryland

A tool for the Trout fisherman.  Will let you understand if flows or water levels are too high and in some cases water temperature.

Maryland Tidefinder

Plan your trip around a moving tide for the best fishing.  Slack tides are good for sight casting in some cases, but in general, you want some current.

UMCES Chesapeake Forecast

Provides insight on where, and how bad, the bay’s hypoxic and anoxic zones will be.  Of note, the last several years the low oxygen in the middle bay appears to have pushed the striped bass in the Chesapeake north in the summer.